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  • Monday, 23 January 2017 10:16

Industrial Group of Boutan Sukuk Profile

Originator: Industrial Group of Boutan
Issue Date: March 16, 2013
Type of asset: Initial mateIRR needed for manufacturing instant water heater running by gas with the system of instant lighting (Ionize) and heat capacity less than 15000 and grade B.
Issue Size: 301,306 Million IRR
Exchange: Iran Fara Bourse
Structure: Murabaha
Tenor: 2 years
Payment Periods: Every three months from start date
Face value of each paper: 1,000,000 IRR
Sukuk rate: 20 percent annually
Issuer (SPV): Aban SPV corporation (Central Asset Management Company)
Sale agent: Novin investment bank brokerage
Guarantor: Middle East Bank
Agent of payment: Central Securities Depository of IRAN (CSDI)