In all societies, there is some group of owner’s funds and cash savings who don’t have any desire or ability to invest directly in profitable economic activities. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs with knowledge, experience and potential do not have the financial resources required for investment. Money and capital markets with using a variety of financial instruments, play a significant intermediary role between these two groups.

The main goals of Central Asset Management company are establishment and management SPVs, in order to facilitate the implementation of intermediary actions".

Securities Holder

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  • Monday, 13 June 2016 08:40

Securities holder in Islamic Securities is not merely a profit collector, but considering the kind of Securities, he will be engaged directly in financing the Originator. Accordingly the role of Security holder is various considering the kind of the Securities.
Therefore Security holder will act as a partner. It has the role of a lessor who holds a contraction with the Originator (tenant) and the SPV will be the intimidator and receives the rent as profit.
Securities holders which possess any kind of Islamic Securities will be called the Investor, and to do their role as a part of dissemination of Islamic Securities, will choose the SPV as their deputy to convent contractions, administrate the assets and put forward claims and execute them. Therefore in Islamic Securities, Security holder would not have direct influence on dissemination of Islamic Securities, and SPV as its deputy will undertake all roles.